Advanced Design Technology Ltd.

Advanced Design Technology, ADT, is a global leader in the development of advanced turbomachinery design and optimization tools based on three dimensional (3D) inverse design methods, which help not only to shorten development time but also to improve the performance of turbomachinery components.

Our proprietary tools in TURBOdesign Suite provide unique 3D aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design and optimization capabilities for all types of turbomachinery such as pumps, compressors, fans, turbines and torque converters. Our TURBOdesign Suite comprises a large range of capabilities, from 1D sizing models to 3D inviscid/viscous, incompressible/compressible inverse design codes including platforms for efficient 3D multi-objective/multi-point optimization. ADT engineers have used their expertise to design or re-design a large number of turbomachinery components or whole machines.

ADT’s work focuses on the aero and hydro design, as well as aero-acoustics modelling, FEA and aero-elastic analysis of all types of turbomachinery components in aerospace, automotive, industrial, power generation and marine fields. Within these fields, ADT’s clients include some of the major manufacturers of aero-engines, turbochargers, steam turbines, gas turbines, torque converters, fans and pumps.

With a strong R&D and Innovation drive, ADT has collaborated in, or lead, the following projects funded by Innovate UK (the UK’s innovation agency), IDP11 “Full Electric Turbocharger for Extreme Engine Downsizing”, IDP12 “High Pressure EGR Generator” and the Open Competition “TURBOdesign2 Throughflow solver”. Furthermore, ADT has taken part in different industrial and academic consortiums looking into, for example, fan noise and multi-objective/multi-point optimization.

Role in the Project

ADT will use its extensive experience and proprietary software tools to design and optimise the blades and meridional profile of the Rim-Driven, Contra-Rotating Pump-asTurbine (PaT) as well as the Bulb Reversible Unit. In addition, ADT will lead WP7: Exploitation and Dissemination.