WP4 – Turbine/PTO Validation


The aim of this work package is to provide measurement results from laboratory experiments of the complete model scale machine set (turbine and PTO). The measurement results will be used for validation of the machine performance/mode switching models (WP2 and WP3), validation of structural models (WP5) and for the assessment of fish behaviour.


Task 4.1 Integrating Model Scale Turbine and PTO [M25-M36]

Task leader: TU Delft, Partners involved: TU Delft and TUB

In this task, a steel CR propeller RPT will be fabricated at TBR based on the preferred configuration from WP2, then physical integration with the 50kW PTO from WP3 into a single machine set will take place. The aspects to be considered are the mechanical work, the suitable instrumentation and the water-proofing of sensitive machine components for wet testing conditions. If WP2 decides the positive displacement design should be considered as well, a concrete device will be fabricated and integrated with an off the shelf 50kW motor, with identical design aspects in mind.

Task 4.2 Laboratory Characterisation of the Model Scale Machine Set [M31-M42]

Task leader: TUB, Partners involved: TU Delft and TUB

Experimental testing of the scaled machine set will be carried out in the hydraulic laboratory of Technische Universität Braunschweig, where its test facility will allow to use constant heads up to 10 m and flow rates up to 1.7 m3/s. The experimental programme includes measurements of the machine performance for both pump turbine and pump mode as well as switching time between operation modes.

Task 4.3 Impact Assessment of RPT Operation Mode Switching on Structures / Machine Adjacent Structures [M31-M42]

Task leader: UNISTU, Partners involved: TUB and UNISTU

During laboratory characterisation testing, additional measurements on structural response will be performed with the aim to calibrate and validate the developed numerical models WP 2 and on structural impact assessment from WP5.  Measurements such as accelerations, deflections, strains and temperatures at the machine adjacent structural parts/structures as well as water temperature and ion concentrations will be measured at the model scale test runs. (R,CO)

Task 4.4 Monitoring of Fish Mortality, Stress Levels and Behaviour at TTC [M25-M48]

Task leader: UNITUS, Partners involved: UNITUS

Mortality and physical injuries will be evaluated by installing grids of different mesh size along the 6 m-wide open channel of the Tidal Test Center to allow for size-classes specificity. Fish blood biological samples will be collected from the same nets-defined sub-environments from either single specimens or pools. Such an experimental design will be followed twice a year (spring and autumn) for replication and to assess the influence of seasonality on the modulation of natural physiological processes.


D4.1 Integrated machine set of turbine and PTO for wet-testing at laboratory

Lead participant: NTNU
Type: DEM
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M30

D4.2 Report of the laboratory tests describing the used methodologies, the test set-up, test program, the results of the tests, analysis of the tests and discussion of the results

Lead participant: TU Delft
Type: R
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M42

D4.3 Report of the field test describing the used methodologies followed for fish-related monitoring in controlled confined environment

Lead participant: UNITUS
Type: R
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M48

D4.4 Report of fish stress-related responses and fish mortality, physical injuries and survival by technology avoidance

Lead participant: TU Delft
Type: R
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M48