NumberNameRelated work package(s)Due date (in month)
MS1.1 Website WP7 (D7.5) M3
MS2.1 Initial simplified model SDCR design completed WP2 (D2.1) M2
MS2.2 Optimized model SDCR design completed WP2 (D2.1) M9
MS2.3 Initial simplified model RDCR design completed WP2 (D2.2) M2
MS2.4 Optimized model RDCR design completed WP2 (D2.2) M9
MS2.5 Set-up preparation initiated WP2 (D2.3) M4
MS2.6 Manufacture and set-up completed WP2 (D2.3) M13
MS2.7 Fish survival study initiated WP2 (D2.6) M6
MS2.8 CFD validation experiments CR completed WP2 (D2.3) M20
MS2.9 Set-up for PD experimental results initiated WP2 (D2.5) M6
MS2.10 Multidisciplinary optimization of PD ended WP2 (D2.4) M32
MS2.11 Design ready for analysis of unsteady operations CFD WP2 (D2.7) M36
MS2.12 Multidisciplinary optimized design completed WP2 (D2.7) M48
MS2.13 Fish survival study completed WP2 (D2.8) M24
MS3.1 Virtual design of the 10MW PTO based on parametrized and scalable models WP3 (D3.3) M24
MS3.2 Detailed design of the powertrain for the +/- 50kW device under test WP3 (D3.4) M24
MS3.3 PTO prototype constructed and test-setup available WP3 (D3.5) M30
MS3.4 PTO has been dry tested incl. control at TRL4 WP3 (D3.6) M36
MS4.1 Effective calibration and measurements of stress levels on fish at the TTC. WP4 (D4.4) M36
MS4.2 Finalised measurements of laboratory test program WP4 (D4.2) M42
MS5.1 Definition of the example sites WP5 (D5.1) M24
MS5.2 Determination of critical site criteria of low head pumped storage schemes WP5 (D5.2) M36
MS5.3 Open access to major findings of WP5 WP5 (D5.5) M42
MS6.1 FCR Profile & dataset is derived from historic frequency data for further use in WP3 WP6 (D6.2) M12
MS6.2 Grid-Side inverter Model for grid simulations in time domain is built WP6 (D6.1) M30
MS6.3 Inverter Model is expanded with grid-oriented functionalities, grid-support from pumped storage plant is shown WP6 (D6.2) M40
MS6.4 Economic evaluation of each ancillary service as well as the plant servicing multiple markets is provided WP6 (D6.3) M48