Related H2020 Projects

The following Horizon 2020 projects are related to ALPHEUS and hydropower generation:

HydroPower Europe –

The HYDROPOWER-EUROPE project is built on the ambition to achieve a research and innovation agenda and a technology roadmap for the hydropower sector, based on the synthesis of technical fora and transparent public debates through a forum that gathers all relevant stakeholders of the hydropower sector.

AFC4Hydro –

The main goal of AFC4Hydro research project is to design, implement and validate in full-scale water turbine an active flow control system that permit to increase efficiency and reduce the dynamics loads on the structure at any off-design operating conditions and during transient operations.

HydroFlex –

The HydroFlex project aims to develop new technology permitting highly flexible operation of hydropower stations. Flexibility of operation here means large ramping rates, frequent start-stops and possibilities to provide a large range of system services. All this within (strict) excellent environmental and social conditions while being economically competitive compared to alternative solutions.


XFLEX HYDRO is an ambitious €18m energy innovation project demonstrating how more flexible hydro assets can help countries and regions to meet their renewable energy targets. The four-year, EU-funded project involves seven demonstration projects and 19 organisations, and will conclude in 2023.