WP7 – Dissemination and Exploitation


The objective of this work package is to inform about the project (communication), enable the use of project results (dissemination) and ensure uptake of project results during and beyond the project (exploitation). Specific target groups and activities were identified and described in section 2.2. a and b.


Task 7.1 Stakeholders analysis and Workshops [M1-M48]

Task leader: ADT, Partners involved: ADT

ALPHEUS partners have broad spectrum of connections to relevant stakeholders: lead and end users (see sec on 2.2). In this task we will analyse existing connections as well as identify missing links to the stakeholders of the relevant value chain (see sec on 2.1.) (in addition, and complementary to EAB). During the workshops we will engage stakeholders (technical and non-technical) through presentations of results showcasing the technologies, and discussing ALPHEUS and its partners role in the value chain.

A technical workshop will be organised by TBR to present the technical outcomes of the project, which will allow experts and interested parties to review the on-going work in the context of technology uptake. A workshop summary will be delivered a er the technical workshop.

The EAB as well as different stakeholders including general audience, industry and public bodies involved in policy regulation will be invited to a second workshop organised by BTP in which the ALPHEUS consortium will present the outcomes of the project and will seek their input and feedback in regards to the next steps for the technology, how to develop it beyond TRL5 and to suggest a route-to-market. A recommendation paper covering the outcomes and main messages from Workshop 2 will be published shortly after it.

Task 7.2 Open Data Management [M1-M48]

Task leader: ADT, Partners involved: ADT, TU Delft

Monitoring of the Open data/management to ensure the project members provide open access to the relevant data. (see WP1 and section 2.2a).

Task 7.3 Exploitation [M1-M48]

Task leader: ADT, Partners involved: TU Delft

In this task, BTP, acts as innovation manager supported by the IP team of the coordinator organization TU Delft, explores opportunities and facilitate the commercial and social exploitation of the project results. It includes a variety of activities, including for example, IPR regulation (regulated in the consortium GA), thorough market analysis and business plan, demonstration activities and input into policy making (e.g. via participation of project partners in EU consultation on topics like clean energy). All activities and their timeline will be described in Innovation/Exploitation Plan.

Innovation Management

  • monitoring the progress of the project, as well as the advances outside the Consortium, for an early monitoring of Foreground knowledge that should be protected, and for a continuous
  • updating of the research/work programme to improve project effectiveness.
  • seek for internal or external opportunities to uptake the project results (e.g. follow-up funding, identifying potential customers/applications, engagement of private investors
  • investigate the framework condition to improve the innovation potential of the project updating of the research/work programme to improve project effectiveness
  • update the business model canvas based on development throughout the project term

Task 7.4 Communication [M1-M48]

Task leader: ADT, Partners involved: ADT

The goal of this task is to coordinate and maintain the external communication about the project with e.g. the general public. This is done through a variety of communication channels, including the project website, newsletter, promotional material, press releases to conventional press, and social media (for details see 2.2.b). It furthermore includes the planning and management of external events.


D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan including stakeholder analysis

Lead participant: ADT
Type: R
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M6

D7.2 Scientifc and technological stakeholder consultation (workshop 1) - Workshop 1 Summary report

Lead participant: ADT
Type: R
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M30

D7.3 Policy recommendation: broad stakeholder consultation (workshop 2) - Workshop 2 Summary Report/Policy paper

Lead participant: TUB
Type: R
Dissemination level: PU
Delivery date: M40; M48

D7.4 Innovation/Exploitation plan: demonstration and scalability plan

Lead participant: ADT
Type: R
Dissemination level: CO
Delivery date: M12

D7.5 Project website

Lead participant: ADT
Type: DEC
Dissemination level: PU
Delivery date: M3