NumberNameWork packageLead participantTypeDissemination levelReportDelivery date (in month)
D1.1 Project Handbook WP1 TU Delft R CO M2
D1.2 Quality and risk management report WP1 TU Delft R CO M3
D1.3 Data management plan WP1 TU Delft R CO M3
D1.4 Ethics assessment report WP1 TU Delft R CO M3
D2.1 Report of Shaft Driven Design WP2 CHALMERS R PU M9
D2.2 Report of Rim Driven Design WP2 ADT R PU M9
D2.3 Report and data files: Open access experimental data from CR model tests WP2 TUB R PU M9
D2.4 Reports and CAD files: Multidisciplinary optimized PD design WP2 NTNU R PU M9
D2.5 Data files: Experimental data from model tests of PD design WP2 CHALMERS R PU M13
D2.6 Report: Fish mortality to be expected from prototype scale turbine WP2 UNITUS R PU M24
D2.7 Report and CAD files: Open access optimized prototype design of RDCR or SDCR WP2 CHALMERS R PU M48
D2.8 Report: Summary of findings containing table of ranked parameters for each turbine type considered WP2 ADT R PU M48
D3.1 Report with control concepts for power reference tracking WP3 UGent R PU M12
D3.2 Report related to mechanical boundary conditions and potential power-electronic architectures WP3 UU R PU M24
D3.3 Virtual design of the 10MW PTO based on parametrized and scalable models WP3 UGent Other CO M24
D3.4 Detailed design of the powertrain for the +/-50kW device under test WP3 UGent Other CO M24
D3.5 Small-scale PTO constructed WP3 UGent Other CO M30
D3.6 Report on the dry-test validation of PTO incl. control at TRL4 WP3 UGent R PU M36
D3.7 Full MPC control system as envisioned for the 10MW device WP3 UGent Other CO M48
D4.1 Integrated machine set of turbine and PTO for wet-testing at laboratory WP4 NTNU DEM CO M30
D4.2 Report of the laboratory tests describing the used methodologies, the test set-up, test program, the results of the tests, analysis of the tests and discussion of the results WP4 TU Delft R CO M42
D4.3 Report of the field test describing the used methodologies followed for fish-related monitoring in controlled confined environment WP4 UNITUS R CO M48
D4.4 Report of fish stress-related responses and fish mortality, physical injuries and survival by technology avoidance WP4 TU Delft R CO M48
D5.1 Definition of 2-3 representative example sites based on parameter-based analysis using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology WP5 TUB R CO M24
D5.2 Report on site criteria from conceptual design analysis including new construction and retrofits of existing structure e.g. dams, powerhouse, inlet outlet structures as well as cost estimates of decisive measures WP5 UNISTU R CO M36
D5.3 Decision on necessity of fish screens in addition to fish friendly pumps/turbines as preferred technological option depending on efficiency, costs estimates and energy losses WP5 TU Delft R CO M36
D5.4 Assessment of legal, regulatory and environmental issues for the commissioning of example sites WP5 UNITUS R CO M36
D5.5 Geographical Information System Tool for users, decision makers and stakeholders based on major results showing sites with high potential WP5 UNISTU R PU M42
D6.1 Design and layout of the grid-side inverter model WP6 TUB R PU M30
D6.2 Report: Model is expanded to provide additional ancillary services, effect of the pumped storage flexibility on short and long-term grid stability using these services is evaluated WP6 TUB R PU M40
D6.3 Report: Economic evaluation of the pumped storage plant WP6 TUB R PU M48
D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan including stakeholder analysis WP7 ADT R CO M6
D7.2 Scientifc and technological stakeholder consultation (workshop 1) - Workshop 1 Summary report WP7 TUB R CO M30
D7.3 Policy recommendation: broad stakeholder consultation (workshop 2) - Workshop 2 Summary Report/Policy paper WP7 TUB R PU M40; M48
D7.4 Innovation/Exploitation plan: demonstration and scalability plan WP7 TUB R CO M12
D7.5 Project website WP7 ADT DEC PU M3