The ALPHEUS project has opened the participation in the stakeholder questionnaire for any prospect interested in the low-head pumped hydro storage technology

Have you ever thought about how else to store the electric energy produced by thousands of offshore wind energy parks globally? The best energy storages today are pumped-hydro storage systems; hence the question whether this technology can be adopted to lower heads, and the ALPHEUS EU-project is currently finding out. Better energy storage technology is going to provide tremendous advantages to the transition of our energy systems, sustainability, and stability of our grid system.

If you want your opinion heard on this important topic, please take part in the brand-new #survey designed by the #ALPHEUS research consortium.

To participate in the #questionnaire, just follow this link:

We invite you to participate in the stakeholder questionnaire of the project. This questionnaire is developed with the aim of analyzing stakeholder concerns respecting low-head pumped hydro storage stations. If you are not aware of this technology, the questionnaire includes a brief introduction to it. If you would like to have more information, you can check the ALPHEUS introduction.

The only data you must provide is the name of your organization and your contact email (to avoid double-answers from single stakeholders and to allow further communication with stakeholders interested in the project).

If you have any questions about the stakeholder analysis or about the ALPHEUS project, do not hesitate contacting us.