Yashica Jain

Dry emulation test-setup at Ghent University

In WP3, the Power Take-Off and Machine-Side Control (MSC) are studied and designed. An important asset to validate the Machine-Side Control is the dry emulation test-setup, developed at Ghent University. This update includes pictures of the virtual design, as well as a first look at the setup in action.  To validate the Machine-Side Control (MSC) […]

Axial-Flux PMSMs: Detailed 50 kW design

In the ALPHEUS project, the efficiency of the full system is important. Therefore, in WP3, Axial-Flux Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines (AF-PMSMs) is designed for the full 10 MW design. To validate this design, two ~33 kW AF-PMSMs are designed and developed at Ghent University. Axial-Flux PMSMs (AF-PMSMs) have a high efficiency, power density and high […]

New Publication: Axial Flux PMSM Power Take-Off a Rim-Driven Contra-Rotating Pump-Turbine

Pumped hydropower storage (PHS) is a costeffective and mature energy storage technology. However, it has inherently been limited to locations with suitable topographies. Therefore, the ALPHEUS project aims to implement PHS for shallow seas and coastal environments with the goal to support grid stability. To ensure optimal efficiency and fast switching times in these low-head […]