Camille Gatti

Deliverables Achieved: D2.1 and D2.2 of Work Package 2

D2.1 This report describes how the optimised initial down-scaled model design of the Shaft-Driven CounterRotating Pump-Turbine (SD-CRPT) in the ALPHEUS project was derived. A first design was made in prototype scale, according to the expected requirements of the final machines. The design was scaled to an appropriate model scale with respect to requirements from the […]

Publication: The Contribution of Low head Pumped Hydro Storage to a successful Energy Transition (PDF now available)

The pan-European power grid is experiencing an increasing penetration of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE). The fluctuating and non-dispatchable nature of VRE hinders them in providing the Ancillary Service (AS) needed for the reliability and stability of the grid. Today’s grid is reliant on synchronous generators. In case of sudden frequency deviations, the inertia of their […]