The Hydropower Renaissance in Europe

The EU drive towards green energy is seeking to harness a traditionally clean power source – with some tweaks. Dr Jeremy Bricker, a hydraulics and coastal engineer, is dreaming big. Somewhere on the North Sea coast, he imagines construction of a dam to manage the supply of clean energy to Europe’s “lowlands”.   Read More […]

NEW PUBLICATION: An Experimental and Numerical Study of a Three Lobe Pump for Pumped Hydro Storage Applications

Pumped hydro storage (PHS) plays an important role as a matured technology that accounts for the vast majority of global energy storage capacity, and its expansion is therefore desirable. The expansion of PHS in mid- and high-water heads is limited to topographic features, but there is an untapped potential in low-head applications. For most of […]

NEW PUBLICATION: Optimization of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Design and Operation for Offshore Low-Head Application and Grid Stabilization

The increasing share of renewable energy sources in the global electricity generation defines the need for effective and flexible energy storage solutions. PHES with their technically matured plant design and wide economical potential can generally match those needs. But especially for lowland countries, where low-head PHES applications are needed, the current turbomachinery technologies offer no […]

Grid-scale pumped hydro energy storage for the low countries

Penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources into the power grid requires large-scale energy storage to ensure grid stability. Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) is among the most mature, environmentally friendly, and economical energy storage technologies, but has traditionally only been feasible at sites with large natural topographic gradients. ALPHEUS addresses this by developing reversible pump-turbines […]